Our Brand Identity

Remaining true to being a handmade British brand, Eyato is represented using a logo and brand symbol which convey our distinction.

We use a unique handwritten font for our Eyato logo and some of our product names; a true reminder of the perfect imperfections of life and creativity. The handwriting is beautifully imperfect, like our pieces, like us!

We use a hand drawn five petal orchid, with each petal representing one of the five strands of Eyato Accessories we offer, namely: Bags, Footwear, Fragrance, Jewellery and Outerwear.

The Eyato Orchid can be appreciated engraved into the back of our handblown lead crystal fragrance bottles, foil stamped onto our leather products, providing the central theme for our jewellery and reproduced onto our stationary and packaging.

The Eyato Orchid represents so much more than just a beautiful flower. Atiti loves the Orchid for its delicate, exotic, ornamental, beauty and the fact it exudes love, luxury and strength. This is in harmony with what lies behind each Eyato creation.